By Raye Peralta


(Illustration by Victor Ian Covarrubias)

Who am I?

As the gun fires

And I am left to die

Who am I?

As I gasp for air

And begged for mercy

Who am I?

As I claim innocence

And the sirens block my plea

Who am I?

As the ropes on my wrists tighten

And my mouth was taped shut

Who am I?

As men of authority surround me

Is this a scene of criminality?


Who am I?

I used to be a father

A son

A friend

A human being

This body, covered in blood, was my wife’s haven

These hands, tied and constrained

Were the hands that my daughter loves to hold

This voice, begging for mercy, used to be filled with stories

This identity, that is now perceived with hate, was loved

And this soul, that is slowly losing life at the hands of the government

Was the soul of a human being

Who am I ? I asked

As I heave my final breath

And accepted the lost of justice

Who am I?

On the cardboard box hanging on my neck

It bears two words that are now my worth

“Drug Pusher”


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