In photo: Guelan Varela-Luarca launches “R.U.R: Robot Unibersal ni Rossum” at the 37th MIBF.

By Isabella Alamag and Raye Peralta


Filipino writer Guelan Varela-Luarca launched the first Filipino translation of the Czech play “R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots)” at the 37th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) on September 15, Thursday.

With its Filipino title “R.U.R: Robot Unibersal ni Rossum,” Luarca’s translation was staged as a play directed by J.K Anicoche which served as the opener of the 37th season of Tanghalang Ateneo.

Anicoche disclosed that he chose Czech playwright Karel Čapek’s play since he was inspired by the concept of reflecting the situation of the country in the last year.

“What really impressed me about the play was the resilience of human beings in the midst of adversity,” Anicoche said. “At the end of all the troubles of human beings when the robots retaliated against them, there is still an image of hope, love, and resilience.”

The Czech Embassy published and released the novel during the book launching event held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, along with the release of Czech writer Martin Vopênka’s English translation of his book, “A Girl and a Soul: Fairytales from the Mountains”.

Vopênka discussed the that the book contains eight stories that reflect philosophical and ecological issues.

The Czech author also read excerpts from the first story in his novel, announcing that the longer version of the books, containing 14 stories, will be released after two weeks.

The event was hosted by the Ambassador of the Czech Republic H. E. Jaroslav Olśa, Jr.

Contemporary works of Czech publications were also made available for purchase for the MIBF visitors.


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