In photo: Attendees and speakers in the forum raise papers containing words such as “never again” opposition to the Burial of the late Ferdinand Marcos in the Libingan ng Bayani and the historical revisionism after Martial Law.

By: Angela Coloma

A MARTIAL Law victim urged the “millenial generation” to fight against historical revisionism in a Martial Law commemoration forum titled “Honor Thy President?” held in the Benavides Auditorium of the University of Santo Tomas.

Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates executive director Zenaida Mique told millenials in the forum to research and understand the events that transpired during Martial Law.

“Labanan natin ang historical revisionism na gustong mangyari ng Pamilyang Marcos,” Mique, who is also a Martial Law victim, said.

Among the other speakers in the event are former congressman Neri Colmenares, UST Department of History Chair Augusto De Viana, and Aktiboto Program Director Raymond John Naguit.

Colmenares pointed out that the government’s failure to thoroughly teach Martial Law to the youth, and added that it was “intentional” for the government to do so.

Raymond John Naguit of UST Aktiboto sought to address the issues brought by Martial Law for national reconciliation to happen.

“We must first decontaminate the issues that came with Martial Law, one by one. And only then we can talk about national reconciliation,” Naguit said in his reaction speech on the forum.

On September 22, 1972, former president Ferdinand E. Marcos declared Proclamation 1081, or better known as Martial Law.

According to a report by the Manila Times, the number of victims during Martial Law amounted to 3275 deaths, 70,000 prisoners, and 35,000 tortured. 



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