By Raye Danielle Peralta


As the alarm rings at half past four

The flow of wind knocks at her window

Droplets of rain race to the ground as it pour

As the sleeping child woke up snuggled to her pillow


Her feet were cold and her hands were shaking

Whilst the cold shower embraces her frame

She felt ever inch of her body quaking

But she knew the cold could never be tamed


She covers her body with layers of clothes

Her shoes ready to dip into puddles of rain

And though the wind was freezing as it blows

She was determined catch the train


The sound of car horns sang with the wind

The clock was ticking and everyone was late

Inside the train was skin to skin

The lack of space she dreadfully hates


After hours of traveling she has arrived

In front of her eyes was her college’s door

She felt how her spirit was revived

She came to class despite the pour


Soaking socks and umbrella deformed

And even as difficult it may seem

She knew that neither wind nor storm

Could stop her from attaining her dream


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