In photo: Colorful hurdles of Japanese cosplay enthusiasts can be marveled at Cosmania 2016 as participants try to emulate their favorite animé characters. (Mary Angelique Tacata)

By Mary Angelique Tacata

Cosplay enthusiasts gathered once again for Cosplay Mania 2016, a two-day convention last Saturday and Sunday that catered the fascination for Japanese culture of approximately 6,500 participants.

This year, Cosplay Mania invited some of the internationally-acclaimed cosplayers such as Kaname, Baozi, Hana, Rumi and Ruka.

Ang mahal nung mga ticket, bronze nga lang nakayanan ko, pero siyempre ang worth it pa rin, lalo na kung sobrang fan ka talaga,” said one cosplayer who wished not to be identified.

T-shirts, pins, posters, bags, figmas (anime figurines) and other collectors’ items were also sold at the event.

Ang hirap din mag-cosplay,” another participant admitted, “gagastos ka, gagawa ka ng mga props, ikaw talaga dapat, mas masarap kasi kung personalized, tsaka worth it naman kahit sandaling oras mo lang nagamit ‘yong pinang-cosplay mo. ‘Yong sandaling oras na yun, feel mong ikaw talaga yung character na yun.”

Jpop (Japanese Pop) groups like Back-On, Kanako Ito, Starmarie, and Riho Iida also participated.


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