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By Patricia Artajo

As the team players of the UST Growling Tigers enter the court of the coliseum from the dugout in a single file, one man effortlessly stands out.

Amidst the electrifying buzz of the crowd and thunder beats of the drums, Renzo Subido carefully tugs the hem of his long-sleeved jersey and his fingers reach to rub his nose, his eyes depicting calmness and certainty.


Shortly after being comfortably sat at the bench for a few minutes, he calmly stands from the side lines to join four of his fellow teammates to continue the ball game after dedicating a brief moment to do the sign of the cross.


The coliseum roared with thrilling screams and cheers from the team’s supporters who became one in chanting his name as his step foots in the court looking hungry for victory.


Green blooded 


Known to many, Renzo Subido originally bled green as a player of De La Salle Zobel Junior Archers competing in the junior division of UAAP before bleeding black, gold, and white.


He was already making waves, then, establishing his name as a household one which he rightfully earned and owned.


Serving as the pillar in leading the wolf pack of young Green Archers and bagging the most three-point shots, Renzo proves his story deserves to unfold and be recognized.


Being a promising Green Archer entails a hefty amount of pressure. Eyes follow Renzo everywhere he goes, awaiting his next step.


It was an obvious choice, one just beneath Renzo’s nose for some. When the clock ticked, it came as a surprise when Renzo, instead of representing the Archers from Taft, chose to roar along the Tigers from España.


Yellow at heart 


In an e-mail interview with Periodico en Punto, Renzo shares he sees himself better off in University of Santo Tomas.


“I thought that I’d have a better future in UST in terms of my basketball career and academics,” he said.


Renzo, who is in his third year of playing for the Growling Tigers, continuously makes his chosen school proud in his own little ways at his own pace.


With big shot names like Aljun Mariano and Kevin Ferrer and the addition of his ACL injury in his right knee, Renzo played, although important, limited minutes during the past seasons.


It was not until UST’s second game this season against University of the East that Renzo shone dazzlingly in the spotlight, scoring a career-high 26 points for UST’s first win.


Renzo never stops


Dubbed as the “breakout star” after lifting UST’s game against UE, Renzo said he felt really great to be able to play his “A” game which helped the team to win.


“I told myself that this is my year and I’m gonna grab every opportunity that comes my way,” Renzo said.


Renzo shares the best advice he has received that continuously helps him stay motivated in improving every day, “Just work hard and focus.”


Indeed, Renzo proves that impossible is nothing when you put your head in the game.


Renzo shows the Tigers, crowds upon crowds of Thomasians everywhere how a 5’9″ point guard in a sea of 6′ athletes play basketball with a big heart for the game.



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