In photo: A portrayal of a telescope viewing under a starry night. Photo taken from

By Jan Darnel Domalanta

Space enthusiasts gathered at the TriNoma Mall, Quezon City for a free telescope viewing last Saturday.

In an event titled, “Under the Stars,” participants were able to freely look through two large telescopes set up on the fourth level of the mall to watch the stars with a new field of view.

With the cooperation of the Manila Street Astronomers, a non-profit outreach astronomy group, the event was held to commemorate both the International Observe the Moon Night and World Space Week. It was also held to spread the interest in all things space.

“This was such a refreshing and interesting experience,” said Carl Mabunay, a student present at the event. “It’s very hard to find a nice place to watch the stars here in the city”

Even the random mall-goers who happened to pass by the event gave the telescopes a try.

“Honestly, I have not been that interested in space before today,” said one shopper, “but looking through that telescope was actually very nice.”

According to the Manila Street Astronomer, there were in fact three meteor showers that happened that night but being in the middle of a city made it quite difficult to see them due to the bad light pollution.


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