In Photo:  “In the Name of God Dancers of EDSA Shrine” holding a Marian image during their performance.

By Beatriz Decena

Groups from the school and religious communities participated in the first Sayaw-Kulay Dance Festival at EDSA Shrine in Quezon City on October 29, remembering and celebrating the victory of the 1986 People Power Revolution.

“The Sayaw-Kulay Festival, a dance festival of peace, is our unique way of remembering, proclaiming and celebrating our experience of EDSA peaceful People Power Revolution,” EDSA Shrine Rector Fr. Lazaro Abaco said during the mass conducted.

The prayer-dance festival was inspired by the different efforts of Filipinos to end the dictatorship of late President Ferdinand Marcos. Fr. Abaco recalled the participation of every Filipino on praying, singing, dancing, and offering roses and rosary to the soldiers.

Wearing colorful costumes, the thirteen groups danced with the theme of faith, hope and love.

Aside from the performances, the memory of 1986 People Power Revolution was also witnessed through video presentations.

Fr. Abaco said that it is the commitment and mission of Filipinos to commemorate the historical event which is “a shining moment to remember, a real and genuine experience to proclaim [and] a grace-filled victory to celebrate.”

In the Name of God Dancers of EDSA Shrine in Quezon City, The Dreamers of St. Camillus Chapel in Rizal, and Teatro Sacro Jesu of Sacred Heart Parish in Sta. Mesa were chosen as the top three best performers. They were given 20 00 pesos cash.

Jude Lapig, member of In the Name of God Dancers who got the highest average score, said that they will use the cash prize for personal needs and future competitions to join.

Fr. Abaco said he looks forward to seeing the prayer-dance festival in the next years.

“Hopefully, it will go on and on. Every time we do this, we remember, we proclaim, we celebrate [the EDSA People Power Revolution],” he said.

The EDSA Shrine was established after the peaceful People Power Revolution, which was dedicated to Mary Queen of Peace, Our Lady of EDSA.




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