by Maria Isabella Alamag and Raye Danielle Peralta

The digital age has revolutionized concrete aspects of our lives, one of which is our aspects of learning. Through the Internet and our access to technology, information is at the tip of our fingers and in just a single click, one is able to learn and garner knowledge. These innovations created platforms not only to access communication and general information, but also to access quality educational materials that students and teachers are able to acquire.

Truly a new form of learning has been developed in this technological era. Quality education has been ensured to produce committed and education-driven students from various college and basic education institutions.

Through the marketing of children’s books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and general reference materials in both print and digital mediums, F&J de Jesus Inc. offers multimedia learning experiences called “blended-learning,” catering to the demands of digital learners.

“Our purpose being is that we want globally competitive materials or educational materials of high quality to be used by Filipino started.” a sales representative from F&J de Jesus Inc. said.

Providing quality educational materials from the fields of reading, math, and science, the company operates nationwide in order to reach individuals and institutions around the country with their revolutionary digital programs.

“We’re teaching students who are digital learners, so they’re more receptive to digital learning. But not all digital learning instruments are effective. We always say that digital technology won’t replace teachers. Teachers who doesn’t [sic] use technology will be replaced by teachers who do use (it),” he added.

F&J de Jesus Inc. believes that educational materials should not be limited to print nor limited to digital materials, but a mix of both will be most effective to the learning experience of students.

“Our department for digital, we started with print, started in 2010, and since 2010 we’ve been acquiring educational solutions to distribute to the schools,” said representative, disclosing the goals of the company to widen the horizons of technology for better education.

As one of the top 10 distributors of Grolier International Inc. and other local publishers, the company distributes from global markets, allowing a diverse learning experience within our reach. Foreign programs from the United States and the United Kingdom are exclusively distributed in the Philippines.


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