In Photo: The young cast of “The Nutcracker” strikes their final pose as they meet the applause of the elated audience| Taken by: Alleia Vicera

HELD with utmost care, the nutcracker descended the stairs after its last performance for the day.

Christmas is coming and the Cultural Center of the Philippines started off early with the classical ballet play of The Nutcracker last Friday, November 18.

 Primarily known to be performed during Christmas season, The Nutcracker opened the nostalgic scene of celebrating with gifts, food and being surrounded with loved ones.

It was as if they turned back time and you would feel like a kid sitting on the floor near your Christmas tree as Santa Clause kicks it off on his big red chair and narrates the story.

The Nutcracker brought the audience in a joy-ride adventure on his slay to see the different cultures around the world celebrating Christmas.

From a sword fight scene with the Rat King to the graceful movement of the ballerinas, it definitely took them on for a spin, as their pirouettes and sharp turns display precision at its finest.

Lift stunts without any signs of difficulty and the smallest of angels and elves you could find definitely sparked reactions from everyone.

Costumes dazzled beautifully in the spotlight as the intricacy of the designs swayed with their every step. Carrying the emotions of the audience that would leave you speechless and even more excited for Christmas.

Applause for the cast and an ovation to the director as they took their last bow, smiling ear-to-ear for a smooth going performance.

A full length classical ballet play directed by Ronilo Jaynario is just what everyone might need to bring back the holiday cheer. By Alleia VIcera


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