In Photo: “Love & Letter” album cover from Seventeen’s official twitter page

By Audrie Julienne Bernas

Recently debuted band SEVENTEEN brings new sets of style in the romantics. Introduced to the public eye in early 2015 with their single “Adore U,” the band is constantly proving to be another hitmaker, not only crooners.

With their new album “Love & Letter,” the 13-member group set up new heights for a more freshman band. Divided into three sections of a rap, vocal and performance section, the group utilized their talents pretty well both in their album and their live performances.

The songs, which off the idea that being coy while being in love could be incorporated and still create a hopeful vibe.

“Chuck,” which describe the pride of a man, is the first track that sets the mood of the album: alive and progressive. With several beat-drops and uber-enthusiastic vocals that profess the song’s real emotions, the strong-willed mood of the song, is wisely emphasized and carefully expressed through the synths and EDM-ish tune.

A sweet message for the fans, “Pretty U” kind of acts as the reminder that the group does not take their fans for granted. The song tells the story of a boy too shy to admit his feelings to a pretty girl. With a catchy tune and a timely—“millennial”—music video, the song come with the incorporation of pop and rap, equaling to a love song in general.
Acting as the handler of the album, “Pretty U” celebrates young love.

“Still Lonely,” a song about the looming sadness and despair fame entails. Having upbeat tunes and optimistic bars, the song is literal on professing the loneliness, as it gives everything off in the lyrics. “Messages are overflowing huh/It’s every day that I’m soaked in popularity/But my heart is about to wither,” the song says. The song comes off as a motivational track, with it’s rejoice-like genre but once translated, one would notice how it was transformed into a an active tune that hides the reality that surrounds the song.

“Hit Song,” true to its title, provides as a hit with its catchy tune and easy-to-go-around to chorus. A dancy track that tells the story of a certain song that reminds the person of the memories he shared with someone, it gives the listeners a chance to go into the emotional parts of the song while moving along with the beat.

“Say Yes,” another slow, romantic song from the album, resembles the mood of “Adore U,” only it persuades the song’s person of interest to come and take risks.
It centralizes on strong vocals and active storytelling, with the singers utilizing every bit of strength to say it in a powerful yet lovely way.

“Drift Away” is an upbeat song that reminisce about a past love. Resembling an ode to the past, it caters to the casual inherence of a hopeless romantic who still wishes to get back to the old days but is okay enough to move on. The song spans through smart story-telling and  musical representation. How the band managed to fit a lengthy explanation of how missing someone works, no one knows.

Originally an upbeat dance track, “Adore U (Vocal Team Version)” is slowed down in this album to form a romantic love song. It was a new take on the pop song and generates another original theme from the band.

“Monday to Saturday” is the sole full-rap song of SEVENTEEN, and is actually about the emotional torture of a teenager driven by love, waiting for his Sunday candy—the only day he sees his love interest. A freestyle-esque track, it acts as a gentle reminder that dreadful days can sound fun and catchy when portrayed in a song.

“Shining Diamond-Performance Team Ver.,” a literal representation of a diamond in a rough, is the anthem for the unsung heroes only waiting to be noticed by the world. Synth-based and fast-paced, the remix version of their original song is a new take on the angry-teen trend, a told-you-so franchise.

“Love & Letter,” the last song off the album, serves as an anthem for the whole album with  its generally team-like cheer. The song, another dedication for their fans, rests upon the notion that songs can be motivational and still be upbeat.

Coming from a younger group, “Love & Letter” is a fresh representation of the generation of fans who continue too look for what they truly deserve, the search for honest-to-heart music.