In Photo: Vice President Leni Robredo | taken from

By Chelsey Brazal

LAST Sunday, Dec.4, Vice President Leni Robredo resigned as the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC) Chairperson.

Robredo was given the directive, through Sec. Leoncio Evasco Jr from the president to “desist from attending all cabinet meetings.” From there, Robredo said that it has made it impossible to do her job.

Meanwhile, the Palace said that Duterte’s decision to prohibit Robredo from attending cabinet meetings was due to “irreconcilable differences.”

Despite her resignation, Robredo said that she would continue her duties as Vice President and support the positive efforts of the Duterte administration.

Robredo is a stanuch critic against extra-judicial killings and drug war currently going on in the current administration and to be in Duterte’s cabinet must have made it hard for her to be a part of it any longer.

A cabinet official is an extension of a president, they act upon the president’s orders and wishes to fulfill their necessary duties in their respective department. They are also like roots and branches that support the trunk of a tree.

In this situation, Duterte was the tree and Robredo has decided to detach herself from that tree.

Thinking about it at first, the stark contrast between the two highest officials, Duterte and Robredo, would kind of work out for the administration

Duterte’s macho and blunt personality complemented Robredo’s graceful but tact attitude.

However, despite the longstanding theory of opposites attract, it did not work out between the two.

Lawmakers have reacted on her resignation and a great thought that she was a “great loss” for the admin.

Sen. Francis Pangilinan said that Robredo could have been treated with greater respect, while Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV expressed gladness over Robredo’s resignation, saying that it was bound to happen sooner or later or she would have been “tainted with Duterte’s politics of death.”

We could expect a stronger opposition from Robredo’s resignation. Robredo herself said that now that she has resigned from her Cabinet post, people should expect a louder voice against the extrajudicial killings, death penalty and the burial of Ferdinand Marcos.

Robredo is now bound to become the default face of the opposition.

From the very start, she has been preselected to be the biggest challenger of Duterte’s presidency and rule.



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