Periodico en Punto is a non-profit news organization composed of undergraduate journalism students from the University of Santo Tomas in España, Manila.

As writers, it is our imperative to deliver current events in light of our history, in accordance to the truth and for the common good.

We give credit where it is due and are responsible in dealing with issue and authority by providing the necessary context for the masses to understand should technicalities be involved in reportage.

We respect the requests of our sources should they wish to not reveal their identities and make themselves known to the public.

Periodico en Punto operates under the principles of balance and fairness. Under no circumstances will any of these be indispensable.

Slander and libel have no place in our line of work. These offenses not only injure the credibility of any news organization but also the integrity of the journalism profession as a whole.

We believe that journalism is public service and as in any democracy, the media serving as the fourth estate shall check and balance the powers of the three branches of the Philippine government.

We help in search of justice not vengeance. We are an independent body with neither loyalties nor ties with partisan politics.

As it is mentioned in the name of our publication, we are committed towards straight to the point coverage of any news item.

Moreover, as Thomasian journalists, we converge various forms of art, retell literature and preserve culture under the light of Christian virtues.

Above all, we deliver news and shape public opinion in the service of the nation.