The App Essentials

In Photo: a collection of "generic" mobile applications | Photo courtesy of Foto: iStockphoto By Jan Darnel Domalanta 2016 is almost over and it’s been made very clear that smartphones definitely dominated the technology market. A smart phone can do almost anything you desire if you have the right apps at your disposal. There are thousands … Continue reading The App Essentials


World gazes upon the closest supermoon to Earth

In Photo: The closest "supermoon" to earth was seen on Nov. 14 | Photo credits to NASA By Jan Darnel Domalanta SKYGAZERS flocked near fields, skyscrapers and other popular viewing spots last Nov. 14 to observe one of the largest supermoons in the last 68 years. This unusual supermoon, described by the National Aeronautics and … Continue reading World gazes upon the closest supermoon to Earth

Space fanatics marvel ‘under the stars’

In photo: A portrayal of a telescope viewing under a starry night. Photo taken from By Jan Darnel Domalanta Space enthusiasts gathered at the TriNoma Mall, Quezon City for a free telescope viewing last Saturday. In an event titled, “Under the Stars,” participants were able to freely look through two large telescopes set up on … Continue reading Space fanatics marvel ‘under the stars’